Are your loved ones protected?

Ensure peace of mind by making a will today.

If you haven’t made a Will, now is the time to do so or you could risk leaving your grieving loved ones with additional stress, unanticipated cost and a host of problems to sort out. If the unthinkable happens and you die without making a Will, the law decides who gets what.

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A Will allows you to:

• Leave specific amounts of money to specific people.
• Ensure the proceeds of a life policy are paid to the right person.
• State who will become the guardians of your children.
• Pass your estate to an unmarried partner.
• Choose who you want to be executor of your Will to ensure your wishes are followed.
• Ensure an item of sentimental value or even a family heirloom is passed to a named beneficiary.
• Leave something to charity.

In reality, making a Will isn’t as time consuming and complicated as you think. It’s far better that you spend time deciding what you want rather than leaving your family with extra worries at an already difficult time.

Here’s how we can help.

We’ve teamed up with a Will writing specialist, Redstone Wills Limited (a subsidiary of Skipton Building Society), to offer you a simple, straightforward and cost effective Will writing service to make sure your wishes are known.

Contact your local branch to make a Will today.


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